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Mucuna pruriens

Velvet bean is a leguminous vine that is fast growing and can trail or climb to heights of 6-18m. Velvet beans have three main uses: food, feed (forage and seeds) and as a green manure.


As Velvet beans fix Nitrogen and produce high amounts of biomass, they are a popular warm-season cover crop. Their thick canopy is highly effective in suppressing weeds and protecting the soil from erosion and surface evaporation. Some species can take between 150 to 180 days to flower providing soil cover for the entire period.

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  • 5 - 13 t DM/ha/season
    Depending on environmental conditions and management

  • High forage production

  • Fixes atmospheric Nitrogen (N)

  • Provides protection against soil erosion

  • Suppresses weeds

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