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AgriCOTE® is a unique seed application technology that is used to apply various beneficial agricultural products to seed.

AgriCOTE® provides better seed-to-soil contact needed for improved germination & successful establishment.

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Advantages of using coated seed types.


  • Added nutrition for seedlings

  • Better seed to soil contact

  • Improved germination & seedling survival

  • Protect seedlings against fungi

  • Accurate distribution

  • Economical to use


Materials are accurately applied by means of a computer-assisted, automated batching process in rotary coating equipment. Each seed kind has its own applicable formulation and application recipe.

The materials are added in a gradual layer build-up to ensure consistent and even-sized seeds.

Although it’s a wet process the seed is dried off immediately, thus preventing the seed from absorbing excess moisture. Drying is done by means of a fluidized bed dryer with controllable speed & temperature settings.

After drying to an acceptable level, the seed is screened to deliver a uniformly sized seed-lot with minimal doubles & blanks.