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A wide range of annual & perennial grass types suitable for various objectives. Grasses form some of the most popular grazing options. As a cover crop they build high levels of organic matter, cycle nutrients, & protect the soil. Their quick establishment assists in weed suppression & reducing soil erosion. 


Sorghum spp

Sorghum X Sudan grass hybrid. Erect, tall-growing, summer annual. Planted for biomass, and grazing of livestock.


Paspalum notatum

Summer growing perennial grass. Highly adaptable. Provides good soil cover.

shutterstock_1115383814_Weeping Love Gra

Eragrostis curvula

Densely tufted perennial forage crop - used for pasture & hay production. Used for erosion control & stabilising soil.


Eragrostis tef

Annual, tufted grass ideal for hay production. Often used for erosion control.

Smuts Finger Grass Inflorescence.jpg

Digitaria eriantha

Summer growing perennial forage crop. Highly adaptable, tufted grass. Indigenous to Southern Africa.


Cynodon dactylon

Strong perennial grass - with stolons and rhizomes. Used for grazing, ground cover in orchards, and erosion control.

shutterstock_1353620030_Annual Ryegrass.

Lolium multiflorum

Annual, tufted grass - usually planted under irrigation. Used for grazing and silage.


Cenchrus ciliaris

Summer growing perennial forage crop. Tufted with short rhizomes. Very drought resistant.


Zea mays

Open Pollinated Maize. Used for grain, grazing, and silage production. Provides bulk to cover crop mixtures.


Anthephora pubescens

Also known as Bottle Brush Grass. Tufted summer-growing perennial forage crop.

shutterstock_1358753363_Tall Fescue.jpg

Festuca arundinacea

Tufted, perennial grass that is best adapted to cool-season production. Grows strongly during Spring and Autumn.

Kikuyu 5.jpg

Pennisetum clandestinum

Perennial summer grass used for permanent pasture, sillage, or turf. 


Pennisetum glaucum

Babala is a tall-growing, summer annual. Deep rooted, and adapted to varied growing conditions.


Secale cereale

Annual temperate grass or cereal crop, grown for either forage or grain. Autumn, Winter, or Spring production.

Saia Oats.jpg

Avena sativa / Avena strigosa

Annual, temperate grass or cereal used as a cover crop or for forage - as grazing, hay or silage.


Dactylis glomerata

Tufted, perennial grass that is best adapted to cool-season production. Strong growth in Spring and Autumn.

Rhodes Grass Inflorescence.jpg

Chloris gayana

Summer growing perennial forage crop. Deep-rooted, tufted plants, with stolons. Highly adaptable. Indigenous to Southern Africa.



Annual, temperate grass or cereal - used for forage (grazing, baling, or silage) or grain.

shutterstock_1551578063_Perennial Ryegra

Lolium perenne

Most widely grown cool-season grass in the world - in cool, temperate areas. Leaves are nutritious and highly digestible.


Hordeum vulgare

Annual, temperate grass or cereal suited to various climates - used for forage (grazing, baling, or silage) or grain.


Panicum maximum

Also known as Buffalo Grass. Summer-growing perennial species. Highly variable tufted grass.

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