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Brassicas play an important role in forage production, as well as in increasing soil organic matter, relieving compaction, and attracting beneficial insects. Certain plants are used for nematode suppression due to their "biofumigant" effect.


Raphanus sativus

"Jap Radish". An annual, cool-season root crop. Used for grazing, or uprooted and fed to livestock.


Brassica napus

A forage brassica, best grazed at full maturity. Deep-rooted, assisting in relieving soil compaction.


Brassica nigra / Brassica alba

Annual, cool season cover crop. Sometimes used for allelopathic control of soil borne diseases, nematodes, or weeds.


Raphanus sativus

Deep rooted brassica, used to improve soil structure and break through compacted layers.  


Brassica campestris var. rapa

Widely used turnip variety. Both the leaves & large round bulb are utilized for grazing.

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