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Primarily known for their ability to fix organic Nitrogen. Legumes fulfill other functions, including high quality grazing, attracting beneficial insects, and building organic matter. 


Crotalaria juncea

Erect, herbaceous summer legume with well-developed taproot. Used as a cover crop to build organic matter & Nitrogen.


Vicia villosa ssp dasycarpa

An annual (sometimes biennial) legume - used for grazing or hay production.

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Lablab purpureus

Prostrate, twining, herbaceous annual/ biennial crop. Dual purpose summer legume - for pulse grains & forage. 


Medicago sativa

Perennial legume used as a forage crop. Referred to as “the queen of forage crops”.


Vicia sativa

Annual, cool-season climbing legume. Mainly used for pasture & forage - palatable at all growth stages.


Trifolium repens

Perennial forage legume with a prostrate, stoloniferous growth habit. Very palatable, nutritious and highly digestible.


Trifolium vesiculosum

Winter annual with erect growth habit. Suitable for inclusion in blends for grazing and hay making.

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Sericea lespedeza

Erect, deep-rooted perennial legume that has good longevity. Suited to a wide range of conditions.


Medicago spp.

Wide range of Medic species. Suited to dry conditions. Often rotated with cereals. Palatable grazing.

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Cajanus cajan

Prolific, tall-growing, herbaceous  legume. Used as a cover crop or windbreak in young orchards.

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Vigna unguiculata

Cow Peas vary in function & growth habit. A summer annual legume with well-developed taproot. 


Pisum sativum

Annual, cool season legume with an upright- or prostrate- growth form. Dual purpose - for grain or forage.


Vicia faba

Annual, cool-season legume. Also known as Fava Bean or Broad Bean. Produces large biomass and Nitrogen.


Lupinus spp.

Cool-season legume with upright growth habit. Used in livestock production - especially for grazing its high quality seed. 


Trifolium pratense

Perennial forage legume. Establishes and produces quickly, its poor persistence limits lifespan to 2-3 years.


Mucuna pruriens

Annual, long-season legume - suited to the tropics. High biomass & Nitrogen production. Suitable for grazing.


Ornithopus spp.

Winter-growing annual pasture legume. Palatable, non-bloating, providing high quality protein forage.

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