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Vigna unguiculata

Cowpeas are a herbaceous annual summer legume with a well-developed taproot system. They can have a prostrate, sub-erect or erect growth habit.

Three different types of cowpea are available; forage, grain and dual-purpose cowpea types.  They are considered a multi-purpose crop, being used for human consumption (as a pulse grain and vegetable), or as a forage crop (being grazed or preserved). They are also often used as a cover crop. 

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  • Grain yields: 1-3 t/ha/season

  • Forage yields: 3-10 t DM/ha/season
    Depending on environmental conditions and management

  • Multi-purpose legume

  • High forage yield

  • High forage quality and palatability

  • Establishes easily on wide variety of soils

  • Green manure and cover crop application (improves soil fertility)

  • Drought tolerant

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