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Lablab purpureus

Dolichos is a prostrate, twining, herbaceous annual / biennial crop. It is a summer legume crop with a well-developed taproot system.

It is a dual purpose crop; pulse grains or forage utilized by grazing it or in a cut-and-carry system. It can also be used as a cover crop.


The minimum annual rainfall requirement for Dolichos is 450 mm per annum, but production greatly increases in higher rainfall areas.

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  • Grain yields: 1 - 3 t /ha/season

  • Forage yields: 4 - 12 t DM/ha/season
    Depending on environmental conditions and management

  •  Fixes atmospheric Nitrogen

  •  Dual purpose legume

  •  High forage quality 

  •  Green manure and cover crop application

  •  Drought tolerant

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