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Sorghum spp

Forage Sorghums are erect, annual, summer grasses. They are widely adapted, but thrive in hot areas.


The main stream Forage Sorghums in SA are hybrids and many different types of crosses exist. The most commonly planted types are Sweet-sorghum X Sweet-sorghum- and Sorghum X Sudan grass hybrids, which are grouped into different flowering dates (early to ultra-late). Early flowering hybrids usually grow fast, but have a short growing season, while late flowering hybrids grow slower, and have a longer growing season.


Forage Sorghums are very drought tolerant and can produce with rainfall as low as 350 – 400 mm per year, or under irrigation for more intensive production systems.

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  • Up to 35 t DM/ha/season
    Depending on environmental conditions and management

  • High producing crop on fertile soils

  • Establishes easily, followed by rapid growth

  • Planted as nurse crop with perennial grasses

  • Drought tolerant

  • Good quality forage

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