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Avena sativa / Avena strigosa

Oats is an annual temperate grass or cereal, grown as either a forage- or grain crop. It is categorized as a forage cereal together with Rye and Triticale.


It can be utilised as grazing, hay or silage. Like all forage cereals, it is categorized according to its growth form, as a Spring-, Intermediate- or Winter type. Spring types have no requirement for vernalisation (prolonged cold period) and become reproductive at specific day lengths. Winter types do have vernalisation requirements, and will only become reproductive after exposure to cold enough periods, for long enough. Intermediate types lie between Spring- and Winter types on a sliding scale.


Often produced under irrigation, but requires at least 400 mm rainfall per annum for Winter rainfall areas or 500 mm rainfall per annum for Summer rainfall areas.

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  • 15 t DM/ha/season under full irrigation

  • 2 - 8 t DM/ha/season under dry land or supplemental irrigation
    Depending on environmental conditions and management

  • Relatively drought tolerant

  • Good palatability and digestibility

  • Good suppression of nematodes

  • Good cover crop

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