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Cajanus cajan

Pigeon Peas are an erect, herbaceous shrub. It is a summer legume crop, planted in a variety of contexts.


Pigeon Peas are primarily planted as a grain crop for human consumption - both in subsistence and commercial farming. It is a good source of protein and Vitamin B. 

Due to its ability to fix Nitrogen (the nodules adding approximately 40kg of Nitrogen per hectare) and its prolific growth Pigeon Peas make an ideal green manure crop. Its height (reaching up to 3.5m), makes this a suitable windbreak for young orchards.

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  • Best suited to the tropics and subtropics.

  • Pigeon peas grow well under temperatures of between 18 and 35 degrees Celsius. Bright sunshine is needed for optimum yield.

  • The crop grows well in all types of soils, varying from sandy to heavy loams, with well-drained medium heavy loams being best. It requires a pH level ranging from 5,0 to 7,0.

  • Fixes high levels of Nitrogen.

  • Drought tolerant.

  • Frost intolerant.

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