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Sericea lespedeza

Poor man’s Lucerne is a crop that can be productive at low input costs, under conditions where other forage legumes like Lucerne may not survive.


It is an erect, deep-rooted perennial legume that has good longevity. It is a warm-season crop that also grows well in autumn and spring. From a conservation point of view it is suited to a very wide range of conditions, making it ideal for rehabilitation of mined land, road banks and other disturbed areas. It requires at least 550mm rainfall per annum for production.

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  • 5-9 t DM/ha/season

      Depending on environmental conditions and management

  • Strong perennial

  • No bloat and a high amount of digestible protein.

  • Anti-parasitic qualities due to tannins

  • Ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen (N)

  • Strong root system – drought tolerant

  • Adapted to soil with poor fertility

  • Disease and insect resistant

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