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Ornithopus spp

Serradella is an annual, prostrate growing legume. Two species are commonly available, namely Ornithopus sativus (Common/ French/ Pink Serradella) and Ornithopus compressus (Yellow Serradella). These species’ main growing periods are in Autumn, Winter and Spring and are suitable for use as grazing, hay and silage. Its substantially deep root system makes it tolerant to heavy grazing, if managed correctly.


The minimum rainfall requirement for these species is 400mm per annum and distribution should correlate with the crop’s production curve. Stands under irrigation show improved growth, when soils can freely drain.

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English Product Guide
  • 6 t DM/ha/season
    Depending on environmental conditions and management

  • Fixes atmospheric Nitrogen

  • Adds quality to grass pastures

  • Low bloating occurrence

  • Very palatable and nutritious forage

  • Persistent by reseeding

  • Tolerates high levels of soil Al (30%) and low soil pH

  • It has a good tap root - making it drought tolerant

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