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Raphanus sativus

Tillage-type or Daikon radishes produce a large taproot. As the name suggests, its large root can break through compacted layers and plough pans - improving drainage, water infiltration, and air movement through the soil profile. The roots can reach down to 2m deep.

Tillage-type radish acts as a catch crop – absorbing and retaining nutrients that may otherwise leach out of the soil and can be made available for the next crop.

Fast establishment and a thick canopy provide good weed suppression. Radish often forms part of “insect havens” – where its flowers attract pollinators and beneficial insects.

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  • Builds organic matter

  • Helps to improve soils structure

  • Improves water infiltration and water holding capacity

  • Fast growing annual

  • Suppresses weeds

  • Improved soil nutrient availability

  • Alleviates soil compaction

  • Natural biofumigant (variety dependent)

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