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Eragrostis curvula

Weeping Love grass is a summer growing perennial forage crop producing dense tufts. This grass is used for pasture and hay production.


The drooping leaves, mostly concentrated at the base of the plant, together with the extensive root system, makes Weeping Love grass ideal for combating wind erosion, stabilization of road verges and terraces and growth in water discharge areas.


This grass is best adapted to areas where the annual rainfall is 650 mm per annum, but can survive in areas with an annual rainfall as low as 550 mm per annum.

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  • 5 to 15 t DM/ha/season
    Depending on environmental conditions and management

  • Strong perennial

  • Grows on low-fertility soils

  • Establishes quickly

  • Good cold tolerance

  • Valuable in erosion control

  • Long growing season

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