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Trifolium repens

White clover is a perennial forage legume with a prostrate, stoloniferous growth habit. It is very palatable, nutritious and highly digestible. Trifoliate leaves are smooth and abundant. It has a deep primary taproot in the first season, with secondary roots taking over from season two when the primary tap root dies off. Clover is therefore not as drought tolerant as Lucerne.

White clover is seldom planted in a pure stand. Its main application is to plant in blends with grass species, thereby improving the quality of a pasture. It is mostly produced under irrigation, but requires 800 mm rainfall if produced without irrigation.

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  • 5 t DM/ha/season
    Depending on environmental conditions and management

  • Fixes atmospheric nitrogen (N)

  • Adds quality, digestibility and dry matter to grass pastures

  • Good quality digestible protein

  • Protected against overgrazing by stolons.

  • Ability to reproduce with stolons

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